Thursday, December 18, 2014


looking through my facebook feed this afternoon i saw this ~ a beautiful piece in its own way however viewing it i felt sad

the crystals in this pendant are "bonded" together in an unnatural configuration and they don't like it

working with crystals intuitively since i was a child i've found that for me one of the most important aspects in this work is to feel and connect with the crystal/s one is working with ~ experience them as a friend and treat them kindly

creations like this block the flow of their energies and adhesives have this effect on them as well ~ it is as though crystals need room to breathe if they are to function for and with you

i wouldn't say that you should never work with a piece like this as only you know ultimately your connection with an offered crystal however i can tell you that i will not be gathering this type of jewelry and you won't find any items like this on 

yet at the same time viewing things from another level i can also say that were someone to gift me with an item like this i would accept it graciously and understand that it had found its way to me

bringing it into the crystal space here i would then work with it to feel and know where it needs and wishes to be, essentially for healing ~ surrounding it with other crystals or perhaps laying it on a larger specimen ~ allowing it to simply sit in its network of energies with others that best support its work

may you connect with the crystals meant for you
blessings to you on your path


Saturday, August 23, 2014


"root's beginning to work"
~ rex o'herlihan

a few days ago ej graced me with a wonderful vibrational medicine
to use in my practice, a blessed digeridoo piece ~ the dragonfly
healing, which you can see and flow with here

dragonfly healing


suddenly this afternoon as i was working on some diablo character
renewals i received a very strong message to go outside, so i got up,
popped on some sunglasses, called serena and walked out into a
sweet and magical forest space

the sun was shining, it was warm but not hot, the scent of the woods
filling the air and our bird friends were sharing their greetings

serena headed over towards the trampoline and i followed thinking,
"good idea", as with the rain here the last week we haven't been
bouncing and we had missed  the practice as it can be such a pure
and easy way to give thanks, energy and love back to the forest, the
sky, all our relations


on the down connect with the earth giving gratitude and opening to
a healing flow of energy between yourself and the earth ~ on the up
release your prayers and healings, blessings and grace to the vast sky
above and all that is


hopping up onto the trampoline today instead of facing the south as
i generally do i felt to face the east, and so i did, and here began an
amazing journey with a blue/green dragonfly friend

as i began to jump this small wonder came out of nowhere and
buzzed me coming very close, that in itself isn't particularly
unusual as they can be very friendly however my friend then turned
to look at me and began to dance with me as i flowed in gratitude

he was demonstrating complex flight patterns, connecting in an
incredible energetic movement and radiating a very strong presence

at a certain point i began to hear and tune back into ej's
dragonfly healing piece, then i began sharing this with dragonfly,
at this moment our dance intensified until we entered a timeless
space of a much larger scale ~ wonderful, beauty, another aspect
of my friend ~ a space for dragons and another form of my winged

after a time our movement naturally ended however still my new
friend remained so i simply sat and we were together

again he began to come closer and closer, almost touching but not
quite ~ many times we looked in each others eyes

i started considering the beautiful blessing ej had bestowed and his
work and discussions on "root prims" ~ an interesting area indeed...
here is a a simple explanation which can be provided by second life...
in the sl world creation system one can throw things essentially out
of bounds, beyond the map or "out of the box" so to speak by
attaching the "root prim" to some aspect of the "in box" reality and
then "throwing out" so to speak, the creation

and i thought, yes...the vibrational root IS beginning to work

then i began considering the uses of this in parallel world jaunting
and hopping...and was grateful that the dragon had shared
with me some very useful movement patterns

i am still grokking on all this and thought you might enjoy to as well

sending my deepest thanks to ej gold, my new friend and all that is


blessings to you in all your work

if you would like more info on root prims work please contact  IDHHB


Friday, August 8, 2014


things are never what they seem ~ this must always be remembered


outwardly it may appear that one is walking away from someone however the inner eye, can always and forever turn and look back ~ remaining eternally focused and present with that someone

position, geo location, grid layouts in space and time ~ things like this one "closer" than that do not matter


how can one be one with god?

to become one


in one there is no spatial aspect ~ it is a different maneuver, outside the boundaries so to speak

when death comes and it will for us all, everything around us, beside us, close to us will be gone

conditions may not be favorable then, things may happen exceedingly fast, strong emotions may be present...again, doesn't matter ~ focus on the guide, turn your inner eye ~ face your death ~ maintain contact

can training be hard, yes

there is essentially one task, find the guide, see the guide, know the guide, become 1 with the guide beyond all limitations

leave yourSElf and all you think you are and travel to the timeless space, BE 1 ~ turn your inner eye and focus


without doubt from my humble perspective ej gold is THE best trainer you will ever find and i highly suggest you begin to work immediately with his new reality shift offerings ~ to see and know the truth of the shifts is an amazing experience

as ej says there is nothing like personal experience, personally experienced ~ to this i say, "yes" and to walk through shifts maintaining data and knowledge is truly an expansive and freeing journey ~ the way of the shaman ~ thank you ej, you are the best thing


best work wishes to you

Sunday, August 3, 2014


"a true warrior is never at war with the world"
~ chogyam trungpa


"enlightenment is just the beginning, later on come other skills ~ patience, a forgiving nature, extreme attention . . ." 
~ ej gold

in gratitude to the guides

and sending blessings for their work always


Wednesday, July 30, 2014


a vigil can be a beautiful way of sending directed intentional energies for healing, protection, clearing ~ very useful in times of distress ~ it is a simple and basic form of prayer

gentle and moving

a picture of your person is used as the focus and a candle is lit with your intention/prayer in mind ~ this candle/fire can then be maintained for days, weeks or months ~ as long as you sense it is needed or is having a helpful effect

make sure to take all necessary care when setting up your space for vigil as you are working with fire ~ keep your images in a frame if possible, keep objects away from your candle and maintain your attention on it at all times


best work wishes to you

Saturday, July 26, 2014


the doorway exercise as given by ej has been a cornerstone i have worked with for quite some time now, i find it to be very useful in terms of penetrating areas of perception ~ this is the exercise and full chapter as taken from secret talks II

the practice of remembering ourselves, "invoking our presences", having the continual presence of "i" makes a "vibration of Being" which gradually forms a relatively permanent crystallization called "gradation of evolution"

the presence of the nonphenomenal source of attention within the awakened machine, because negative emotion is absent in the awakened machine, produces the vibration which gradually forms itself into the permanent crystallization which we call the Being

each stage of transformation of the Being produced by the awakened machine is called "gradation of evolution"

we can separate the process of transformation governed by the human biological machine into twenty-one definite gradations of evolution, each slightly more objective than the previous gradation in the sense of existing in higher and higher dimensions as we scale upward toward the Absolute

under no circumstance is it possible for us to attain the three highest forms of existence, the highest of which is the Absolute itself, pure Being

no one who knows anything would really wish to evolve to the gradation of the Absolute, and it would be of no benefit to oneself or to the Absolute

each gradation of evolution represents a specific crystallization of the Being ~ these higher gradations of evolution can only be the results of intentional transformation

the transference of the identity from the non-phenomenal source of attention to the Being is necessary for the moment of machine-death when it is once again returned to its natural organic source-of-substances.

even the nonphenomenal source of attention eventually dies if it has existed without transformation, but the Being which has become a permanent crystallization can never die

perhaps we ought to first taste what it means never to die...maybe we would prefer to just fall into annihilation and forget everything

no two Beings have exactly the same frequency of vibration

frequencies are limited in number because they are, as is everything, material ~ however, due to a surplus of apathetic humans and a corresponding paucity of transformed Beings, very few frequencies have ever been taken off the market

the stable gradation of evolution several times removed from the ordinary state of a human being, when taken in relation to a successful transference of identity from the nonphenomenal source of attention to the Being, can be called "objective consciousness" when developed

although we may not understand exactly how this might be true, stepping through a doorway is to taste death in some form

when passing the threshold of a portal, we can use this a a reminding factor to exert our will to awaken the machine

passing a portal, even in the form of an ordinary door, is like the moment of death, the passing of the portal for which we prepare ourselves all our lives

we practice the awakening of the machine during these little deaths so that at our passing, when the chains of life are thrown off, and we feel our life slipping away, we will have attention, presence, Being, and an unshakeable work-habit

only then will we taste of death and not feel its sting

g spoke no more on this subject that evening, but the group set itself the practice of fining themselves one dollar for each time they forgot to activate the source of attention toward awakening the machine, when passing through a portal ~ we put the money collected from this exercise into a special fund for g's work

later it was used to partially finance his large and extravagant dinners, although considering the expense of these, our little contribution in all likelihood made little impression

on the other hand, we forgot so many times that our fund was always on the verge of becoming a small fortune...


best work wishes

Friday, July 25, 2014


sometimes we have to go through very bad times, sometimes we have to walk through very dangerous territory, sometimes it just feels like nothing is ever going to be ok


walking this urth i have found myself in some pretty bad spots at times, dark, hopeless, bad ~ real bad with no clear options or paths out, seemingly no way through and yet here i am writing to you ~ why? how did i make it?

i have come to rely on this sacred chant during those times of absolute despair


if i find myself in a space like this i start to chant and i maintain the chant without stop ~ i have chanted for days and days and weeks on end in this fashion until there was a clearing, some light, a shift

if your motivation and necessity are high enough you will find that you can literally maintain this chant essentially 24/7 ~ you can maintain while driving, doing the dishes, at work, watching tv, eating ~ whatever, it doesn't matter just keep it going, hold strong and chant

this is a very simple practice and from my perspective a very powerful one, you can do this ~ do not give up


hear ej speak this mantra and get a free Om Mani Padme Hum Andriod App here ~  Om Mani Padme Hum

may all these efforts be used for the benefit of all Beings everywhere

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

~what does shift look like~

say for example that you're someone working with an avatar in Prosperity Ashram

you might over time begin to notice some shifts and changes in your "rl/real life"

the purpose of Prosperity Ashram is to connect you with your own higher self via your avatar, the more you spend time with your avatar the stronger the effects may become

sometimes the pull of our avatars into these higher spaces, ways of being and doing can create shifts in our timespace here

we may notice that the environment we move through each day in rl begins to get more and more jangly, more energetic...perhaps we notice more disagreements with loved ones at home or at work, perhaps we are more emotional or perhaps we begin to see ourselves in radically different ways than before

this is ok and can be seen to be part of the process

our energies and vibrations are changing, we are tuning into new frequencies and the discrepancy between the frequency you were on and the new one you are downloading may cause jiggle in the middle

1st rule ~ don't panic


here is the perfect time to practice those labyrinth walking skills you've been building with your ABD work ~ yes you are in the bardos and yes you need to maintain your cool

now you have clear motivation and true need/necessity in your work so in a way you can be thankful for this opportunity to practice your sacred walk even if it is trying

as best as you can ~ do not react, breathe, expand and observe

as your avatar pulls you forward your biggest job could be seen in a way as simply releasing all your resistance to this ride

if things are shifting spend more time with your avatar ~ place it in the temple of ganesh, at tai chi, in the circle of clear light or wherever it wishes to go ~ it can then help you from its end to balance, see clearly and know your own best path

some days will be better than others, hang in, this is a process and you are on your way


find out more about Prosperity here ~ Ashram


find the ABD, American Book of The Dead here ~ the red book

best work wishes to you

Tuesday, July 22, 2014


want to fly?

make friends with a bird

how can you do this? find a comfortable space outside with a bird you would like to be friends with, i say comfortable as this may take some time at first although on the other hand you may discover yourself in immediate contact with your new friend

what to do? sit down






work as best as you can to flow into the environment, to deeply relax into the space, to breathe there in a new way ~ from your heart


once you are flowing reach out from inside to your bird friend, say a gentle hello ~ at some point you will feel something say hi back if you have made a friend

enjoy this, connect...and what this means at this point is just sit together, just be together

do this for an extended time, feel this contact ~ over time you may notice that your bird friend can show you how to fly ~ close your eyes and learn


many moons ago i spent essentially a summer at a beach, a very organic wild beach ~ extremely fresh, clean and vibrant ~ a very good space for healing and clearing

i would arrive some time in the early morning each day, after a few days an eagle brother started to visit ~ i would always know when he arrived as he would fly over me and his shadow causing a change in body temperature would alert me  ~ he was very verbal which was unusual, he shared many stories with me during those visits

one day i arrived and hadn't been there for 5 minutes when there he was, that day he stayed as long as i was there and at the end of the day we left together ~ me walking into the forest, he traversing the sea ~ from this day it was always the same, eagle brother would arrive as soon as i did and leave simultaneously ~ we became deep friends

closing my eyes it were as though i suddenly had his eyes and we would fly

we were very good friends and yet never spoke a word


always be gentle with your bird friends
their medicine is soft

good luck and enjoy your journey

Monday, July 21, 2014

~don't panic~

always good advice

"it's ok to be afraid, to feel fear, but it's not okay to panic, to react to the fear ~ i will never struggle against fear; just let the fear remain, and keep the panic from forcing me into action i might regret"
~ 2nd stage of the voyage, ABD

thank you ej


you can find the red book, the American Book of The Dead here ~
the red book

Sunday, July 20, 2014


remembering can be one of our biggest tasks

there are some amazing memory concepts that i came across in this
work by foer, you might find a number of them worthy of experiment
or helpful in your work

i am sharing here with full credit, the original shine article on joshua
foer with thanks for this offering ~

Joshua Foer keeps a Post-it note above his computer that says "Don't
forget to remember." The author of the new book "Moonwalking with
Einstein: The Art and Science of Remembering Everything" went from
a man with an average memory to the official U.S. Memory Champ in
2006 by immersing himself in the world of professional memorizing.
After studying the skills to learn entire dictionaries, he became
convinced that anyone could have an exceptional memory. You just
need to know certain memory techniques. Here are six secrets
from his book to becoming a savant.

Build a "memory palace": "Housing" a list of things you need to
memorize is essential.

"The idea is to create a space in the mind's eye, a place that
you know well and can easily visualize and then populate that
imagined place with images representing whatever you want to
remember," writes Foer. It's a method used all the way back in
Ancient Rome, when orators needed to commit their speeches to
memory and when books hadn't yet become the main method of
storytelling. The memory palace should be a place you know
inherently, like the home you grew up in, or the route you take to
work every day. Then take the ten things you need to remember,
like a grocery list, and plant each item in a different place in your
memory palace.

For example, put "paper towels" in your parent's old mailbox,
then walk inside your old home and put "garlic cloves" on the
kitchen counter. When you need to recall those items at the
grocery store, instead of remembering the words, walk through
your childhood home and find each item where you mentally
placed it. It may seem like a lot of effort, but it's a process of
embedding one kind of memory into another memory. Foer
explains: "Humans are good at using spatial memory to structure
and store information whose order comes less naturally." So a list
of numbers or words may be hard to remember but if you embed
them in a memory that naturally unfolds, like the blueprint of your
old apartment, they'll live longer and be easier to retrieve.

Get creative: When you're "dropping off" those grocery list
items in your "memory palace" it helps to engage all of your senses.
Remembering what the garlic smells like, or how the garlic skin
crumbles in your hand before you place it on your mentally
rendered kitchen counter, will help solidify where you put it. It
makes sense in literal life. You're less likely to forget where you put
your keys when you focus on their texture in your hand as you're
laying them down on a table. When you need to remember where
you put them, you'll remember how your hand felt as you put them
down and the image of the table will simultaneously appear. As
Foer found, engaging a sense in your memory helps solidify it.

Get colorful: "Things that grab our attention are more memorable,"
explains Foer. "The funnier, lewder, and more bizarre, the better."
When he was memorizing a grocery list by placing each item in his
"memory palace", Foer was advised to get surreal in his thinking.
"Paint the mind a scene unlike any that has been seen before
so that it cannot be forgotten," Foer's memory coach advised. As
he memorized his first grocery list by using the "memory palace"
technique" he committed "salmon" to memory by imagining it
flopping under the strings of a piano. "The general idea with most
memory techniques is to change whatever boring thing is being
inputted into your memory into something that is so colorful, so
exciting and so different from anything you've seen before that
you can't possibly forget it," he writes.

Try "chunking": "Chunking is a way to decrease the number of
items you have to remember by increasing the size of each item,"
explains Foer. It's the reason phone numbers are broken up into
three sections or why remembering a sentence is easier than
remembering each letter in the sentence. If you are given a series
of digits to remember, just break them up into parts. It also helps
to assign meaning to them. Separating them into three sections as
if they were a date and then remembering that specific date
(take 021411 and rethink it as 02/14/11 or Valentine's Day), will
help solidify the memory.

Practice makes perfect: Foer made it to the memory
championships not simply by learning these techniques but by
replacing them with web surfing or even reading. He'd memorize
numbers up to four hours a day before the big championship. But
for the rest of us, all it takes is about an hour a day of practicing
memory techniques to get our brains working like humming hard

Wear earmuffs: We live in a world of distraction, now more
than ever. In some ways those distractions serve as our exterior
memory banks. Writes Foer: “With our blogs and tweets, digital
cameras, and unlimited-gigabyte e-mail archives, participation in
the online culture now means creating a trail of always present,
ever-searchable, unforgetting external memories that only grows
as one ages.”

But those same blogs, tweets and instant messages with their
pinging noises and flashing colors, make it impossible to focus on
one task at hand, like memorizing a poem.  "No matter how crude,
colorful and explicit the images one paints in one's memory palaces,
one can only look at pages of random numbers for so long before
beginning to wonder if there isn't something more interesting going
on in another room."  Foer found that an oversize pair of earmuffs
worked to block out exterior noise and helped his brain zoom in on
one task, like memorizing a series of numbers. But more
subtle ear plugs would work just as well.

you can watch his TED talk here ~  remember

Saturday, July 19, 2014


if you really want to hear you need to listen

listen for the subtleties, the tones, the flow of them and their words, listen to their music

the words are data and one form of communication, to be in communioncation ~ listen in, listen to the heart, listen to the feel, listen deep

listen, listen


push out and through the universe to the space where silence meets silence


Friday, July 18, 2014

~a prayer for you~

last night i took a walk

the stars were out, the air was warm against my skin, the night creatures sang their hymns to the beloved and i thought of you


praying with the full resonance of the body

close to the door i saw a beautiful honeysuckle flower on the grass, bright even in the dark, i picked it up and brought it


where i tenderly cleansed it in the smoke of frankincense and then placed it on a simple altar, sending and filling it with prayers for you of goodness and godspeed

this morning i released it into the wind


blessings to you always

Thursday, July 17, 2014

~a little higher~


how can one build it? like nike says ~ just do it!

i find it useful to work with everyday stuff for this training ~ why? because there is always plenty of it ;)

take the dishes for example, something you do most likely each day ~ you can decide to daily leave this work area a little cleaner, a little higher than the day before and to do this means that you need to take note of any number of aspects in the environment each and every day looking for subtle changes and shifts that you can then use for your attention building work ~ you may notice that one of your pots has gotten dull and greasy over the years, so you decide to undertake its cleaning...each day taking it a little further and a little further ~ using your attention to view its daily transformation until you get to a point where you realize it is complete for now ~ working your kitchen in this way can provide hours of daily attention meditation

or if you're an orb runner for example you could work with this practice created by hoodoo pilot ~ running for folks over time he noticed that some of the numbers weren't as high as he wished and he decided to find a way to increase them and in so doing found a fun workaround you can utilize too ~ here's how it goes, complete your usual run which in and of itself will be working your attention and then at the end decide to take it up still a little higher, reach a little more by bringing forth a little extra focus at the end of your run to bring up your inventory, then take these items out of your stash and replace them in the environment where you can then pick them up again for extra points ~ a little more time, a little more attention which provides a very helpful added quantum boost at the end of your runs

like art? ok great, choose a piece and then look at that same piece day after day for say a month ~ each time becoming aware of something more than you were aware of in the work than the day before ~ a brushstroke, a slight shift of light, gradients and so on ~ viewing the art in this way can create some very interesting observations again all useful for your practice of attention

the ultimate exercise? for myself i would have to say that it is ej's "last hour of life" which you can find in his book, practical work on self ~ why is this so useful? well there really is nothing like knowing you're going to die for bringing the attention up ~ feeling the imminence of death can make all sounds a music suddenly, all smells distinct and all colors unbelievably pure ~ an immeasurable practice i highly suggest

good luck with this and have fun with it

best work wishes to you


you can find out more about orbs @

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

~a thank you~

today i wish to share a thank you to all artists

for sharing your work, your world, your hearts and fearless beauty

what an inspiration you all are, what a light

we are gifted with visions previously unknown, feelings from deep spaces inside us we never knew existed and always a greater way of seeing

your art guides us, takes us on journeys, opens, informs and proves that even the midst of what can at times be a very sad and troubled space, there can be, exquisite grace


thank you

"i bring you the gift of these four words: 'i believe in you'
~ blaise pascal

Tuesday, July 15, 2014


"enlightenment for a wave is the moment the wave realizes that it is water ~ at that moment, all fear of death disappears"
~ thich nhat hanh

thank you water

say this out loud or in your mind each time you approach water, work with water or drink water

water is such a wonderful and easy element to work with

always drink the best you can...for some this may mean pure mountain water, for others filtered city water, for others bottled and for many simply whatever is available ~ always be grateful, water is your life

keep all your areas of water clean and clear ~ decide to make your water areas spaces of high the dishes, clean the bathroom, change your water filter if needed and so on ~ if you work with water offerings make sure your offering remains fresh and new

ej has always worked with water features in his designs and continues to add them into sacred space in the mountains of california where they add to high flows of energies there ~ over the years elements such as ponds, fountains, streams and pools have been added and he suggests that we add aspects such as these to our own particular magic spaces

work with water can become knowledge of water and knowledge of water can include understanding of deep immersive waveform flow ~ water is a beautiful ally and a powerful healer

wishing you a peaceful day of flow


Monday, July 14, 2014


you just came to me as a deer

so much energy flowing and shifting tonight i knew
a special walk was needed

starting at the trampoline i bounced and released, letting
it go, whatever is not needed, into the earth, into the earth


stopping then for a walk down the way, hearing a meow i look
down and see mocha, she is here to help with the work

we walk on together and get to the spot, i sit and allow the
connection with mama to take it in, mocha by my side
adjusting the space and seeing all with her watchful eyes

after a time i hear a strange sound calling me from behind and at
first think it is crow as they speak many languages, i respond ~ the
answer comes back unintelligible and soft, i listen again, you speak
and i realize it is with breath

i stand and turn to meet you, arms wide in surrender ~ the space
shifts electric in nature and the light is from another land ~ i
see you

a deer

we look at each other in silence for a long, long time ~ my arms
remain open & wide ~ you know you do not need to be scared, you
do not run

you tell me your story with your breath, eyes and through the earth

i ask what you wish but you do not know so you turn and leave
~ walking, through the tall green grass

may you walk in beauty my sweet friend
may you return


Sunday, July 13, 2014


sitting here tonight working through a bingy bongy bunch of diablo character renewals and thinking about parts of the journey and experiences therein, in that other universe called D2

there are in fact a number of areas i could cover but tonight i found myself thinking about a particular experience there and how wonderful it was

freeing souls

you can do it throughout the game however for me there is an area by a big old baddie called izual that i worked in the most ~ always felt like a field of sorts there and that field is always full of souls bound in chains and i just don't fancy this so i've always, ever since i arrived at that level, gone through and cleared all

i would just do it, for no reason really other than the fact that i just don't appreciate seeing something chained down

there is no benefit in game for doing it so to speak but damn does it feel good!!

you might enjoy this as well, diablo safaris are still available for work ~ if you'd like to free a few souls check out the bardo training center here ~

and here's what peter s from denmark has to share about some of his work there ~

"I was telling a friend about the bardo safaris yesterday, because i understood that it might cloose down if a new version was released - here is a review and a recommendation.
"upon looking back at the bardo safaris i attended over a 6 month period, it is beyond doubt that the safaris have caused a deeper transformation and have shown and caused transformation in very deep issues, issues that not even intensive theraphy, workshops and very hardcore alternative methods (that i don't want to go into here)
- The bardo safaris "cut to the bone" right to the most upsetting states in my essential self and today when i look back i see a great transformation, not only i am able to recognize when these states set in, i am also able to change tracks and not fall into the pits that before tapped me.
I really recommend the bardo safaris to everyone that is serious about self observation- it will most likely not be pleasant, but damned effective"

ggs all


Saturday, July 12, 2014


walking through a funky hippy music store in eureka, ca one day i felt him, turned and he was there ~ my buddy and good friend, ganesh

rather unassuming, in the form of a small cast sculpture, he was roughly finished and lacking detail ~ regardless, he was there ~ immediately i picked him up from the shelf he was on and we began our journey together

finding your friends and allies is another aspect of creating and working your spaces and you'll especially want them close when we begin exploring altar creation

how can you find your friends? well basically you need to feel them out just like usual

you may find them in traditional places like kwan yin in a statue from your guide or you may find something like tara in a particular stone on your hike ~ trust your feelings as everything here is representational anyway so you are just as likely to find her there as in a statue

in the Prosperity Ashram objects and components can be right clicked and examined for things like what they are, who they belong too, who created them and so on ~ a similar sort of right click effect can be done in all the environments you find yourself in, try it by sitting in your living room and checking the various objects there...see what you feel, see what you notice...try it on your next walk too

the Temple of Ganesh was the first temple space created in the Prosperity Ashram and it is a place i find myself in often, you may enjoy it as well ~ you are welcome to visit here

good luck finding your pals


Friday, July 11, 2014


ok, so you have your basic space what?

well, from my perspective if you really want it to fly it is the time to add your specific magics

and what are those? well i don't really know as they will be unique to you

here is one thing i do suggest though, as you begin to quest for these items instead of "looking for them" ~ "find them"

become a finder

practice this art and over time you will find all that you need and you will begin to see that in fact much of the time you don't even have to find them as they will begin to find you

some elements that are key in my work ~ crystals, meteorites, incense, silver, natural objects such as stones, wood and shells, oils, art, herbs and plants

happy creating


Thursday, July 10, 2014

~prepare your space~

before workshops, magical operations and events my first energies go to the preparation of the space


because it is the space that brings the needed flow for the work at hand

"it's really all about feeding the space that makes things work or not work"
~ ej gold

so in other words creating the space for magic allows magic to occur

some main things i look at when considering preparation are stagnant areas ~ places in the room that tend to gather piles of stuff, or sections that are too full of items, "dead" feeling spots, dead plants and the like ~ these areas will need to be cleared, shifted or energized

general dirt ~ dust the room/s, vacuum, wash the dishes, wash the floor, clean the toilet, clear cobwebs and so on

next, look at your paths through the space ~ are they clear? are they blocked? are they big enough? create the best pathways available to you for the best energetics

air flow, if possible allow for a fresh flow of air into your space before operations and once completed 

in certain cases you may wish to create a tighter more closed effect by keeping windows and window coverings closed ~ you'll just have to feel out what is best for you in any given circumstance ~ both styles, open/closed are useful

aromatics can be a key element in preparation ~ some folks prefer none, some use fresh flowers, others incense or scented candles ~ when possible i choose hand ground blends dispersed via charcoal and censor, when this is not possible there are a number of very effective prepared incense choices

over time as you work with this you can begin to consider further elements like color in the space, metals of various types, specific artworks, specific plants, crystals as energizing, stabilizing or balancing factors, directional positioning of furniture and essentially any number of things you can use to fine tune your lab

preparing space always takes effort , there is no way around it ~ it takes work but it is always worth it

may you enjoy your craft


Wednesday, July 9, 2014

~calling in~

there are different ways to work with the idea of
sacred theatre or the invocation of other/higher

here is a possible path you might consider

now a lot of folks when they approach this type of
area are thinking about controlling something, managing
something, having something do their will, limiting it
and so on

perhaps another and possibly deeper way is to open to that
which you wish to connect with, be willing to work with it,
think of it as a relationship as in many ways it is and
consider how to treat the other kindly

approach in this fashion may in the end lead to higher
and greater flights as we are then being open to a more
expanded wisdom than our own ~ a combined knowledge, an
alchemical journey

an animal that is trained within an inch of its life is
a much different animal than one given space to be and
one allowed to experience life through its own explorations
and most likely an animal trained in a tightly controlled
fashion will not even be able to conceive of things the
freer one will

if you work to control your connection you will travel one
way ~ if you open in willingness to the connection you will
travel in a different fashion

the choice is yours


best work wishes to you


Tuesday, July 8, 2014

~holographic repatterning~

throughout this urth journey i've worked with/studied a number of healing forms/modalities

one of these was holographic repatterning, quite interesting overall ~ viewing the "reality" as a quantum hologram that can be accessed and refocused ~ i knew it to be a useful and effective technique from my own experience with it so i undertook the training and began practice ~ again, seeing some pretty immediate and incredible results with the folks that i was working with however there was something that just didn't "feel right"

the process, although effective was strangely unintuitive to me ~ to get someone to the spacetime where the work could take place was a long effort involving this manual, that reference book and so what i didn't appreciate about this was that all this activity would be happening right at the moment when the person was just "getting there"...they were ready, they were open, it was a go and yet i had to stop to reference some book...i knew there had to be a better way and after practicing for some time even though it was successful stopped working with the method completely

assessing the situation i realized that i could keep going with the form and plan on gathering more data or on finding a new, better method but i knew that once rolling and getting results for a time even if it were a painful process it might just get to feelin' comfortable and i might just forget about the fact that there had to be a better way so i decided to walk on with nothing to create a clearer inner motivation

and then i waited, for years in fact, during those years i continued to work with the holographic conceptual model, access points, repatterning and clearing ~ it was all possible however it was never particularly easy to access the quantum workspaces needed

now all this has changed, thanks to ej gold and his creation of the prosperity ashram, this is the better way and it is easy

the ashram in a sense can be seen as a direct and immediate access point into the quantum reality or holographic reality and this in and of itself is amazing! now all you have to do to access this powerful workspace is login and bam! you are there and you are ready to work

and, here's the best part ~ you are ready to work intuitively, you are able to follow your inner guidance, flow and promptings to create your own essential repatterning ~ you are in control and you are guiding yourself ~ this is a true gift

an area of work that ej suggests to us is to understand the "bigness" that we are, meaning to understand our flow of lives through space and time, to own them, to remember them, to allow them to inform us that we are indeed more than the limited thing we may seem to be at this moment

so ej has filled the ashram with numerous quantum access points to many of our main space time gathering locations ~ ancient spaces, temple spaces, timeless spaces, elven spaces, theatre spaces, dance spaces and a few good coffee shops mixed in here and there for when you need a break from all your work ;)

now that you have all these spaces readily available to you the key is to listen, listen to yourself, listen for the messages guiding you to a greater understanding of your vastness

early this morning for example for whatever reason i was receiving a rather large egyptian download ~ noting this i went to one of the temples in the egyptian area of the ashram ~ once there feeling the space it was natural to begin to dance ~ expand and open more deeply to the experience which was already happening and which was now being greatly facilitated simply by being there

something that many folks experience when working with the "bigness" of themselves are some very strong death impressions...say for example you were killed in an especially violent way during roman times, you might find that the shockwave from that experience permeates seemingly all your lives and in a way it does because it can be seen as a radial shockwave going out from that specific avatar space/time point thereby connecting with all that you are throughout space/time ~ ok, so what can you do about that? well, if you are aware of these experiences you could simply go to one of the roman spaces in the ashram and be there, sit with it, feel it, allow it to come up ~ connecting with the experience in a new way can over time work to clear that original shock and thereby give you more room to move all over the universe ;)

or maybe you remember lifetimes spent caretaking temples and their work therein ~ now you can once again connect with that temple space and your lives and work there ~ visit the temple of ganesh and before you sit to meditate take on the persona of a maintainer and sound the temple bells _/\_  visit the hall of heroes and perform a sacred dance or play music ~ again the key is to listen to your inner guidance, it can show you your way

quantum reality is real

best wishes to you in all your work

to find out more about prosperity ashram please go to

Monday, July 7, 2014


maintain:to keep in existence or continuance

due to some strange wifi configurations that we've been working with recently i've had to find a new way of connecting to and flowing with ej's weekend downloads @ the icw, the online stream here is generally sporadic and broken so it has become a very strong sort of shamanic device for voyaging the bardos _/\_ 

the messages that do come through are loud and clear and a recent one was this ~

"maintain a high plasma state"
~ ej gold

and i thought, yes ~ thank you, obvious but at the same time something that can get overlooked in our day to day travels through the bardos of our lives

years ago ej shared a very simple exercise i work with that you might enjoy as well

cup your hands together as though you have a ball in them ~ feel it there, know it to be there, sense it ~ pull your hands away from each other, push them back to each other ~ feel this, sense it ~ see if you can feel a point where connection is strongest and where it begins to get weak, how far can you separate your hands and still maintain a strong, essential connection?

next step 

practice and practice and practice

day after day, year after year

you may feel something immediately or you may feel nothing at all, it is ok if you feel nothing ~ just keep at it

if you're going to take this journey you need to know that you will go through stretches of practice where it seems like nothing is happening ~ doesn't matter ~ continue ~ practice!


one day,

it will


Sunday, July 6, 2014

~that's it~

"no matter what you do, no matter what situation you are in ~ whether walking, sitting, eating or lying down ~ always suspend your attention within the nature of nondual awareness ~ that's it"
~ tsikey chokling rinpoche

 thank you rinpoche  _/\_

Friday, July 4, 2014


image:Swing Shift by E J Gold

 "talent hits a target no one else can hit; genius hits a target no one else can see" 
~ arthur schopenhauer

ej gold is without a doubt a genius using his power of "seeing" to guide us into and through what to us appears as a vast unknown

and what exactly is he guiding us to?


a greater understanding of ourselves, a powerful connection with our Being and a remembering of our "Bigness" in terms of our journeys through space and time, you can listen to him speak to this here

right now he has a number of offerings all designed to help you in this quest

the Prosperity Path is a series of quantum orbs designed by ej that you can work with to clear past blocks, energize and invigorate your presence, manifest your true spiritual wishes and super charge your memory

the purpose of his Prosperity Ashram is to directly connect you with your higher self

and right now a new program is beginning, Total Recall Training ~ the specific focus of this new work is to get in contact with your past lifetimes

why does he do this? because he wants you to be aware that you are more than you know ~ bigger than you think ~ and more powerful than you ever dreamed

here are some links to these work paths if you are interested:

find the orbs @

learn more about Prosperity Ashram @

and call 530-271-2239 to find out more about Total Recall Training

wishing you luck on your journey


Thursday, July 3, 2014

~energy work~


want to do energy work? ok good, you'll need energy

so where can you get some? depends

say you're someone that complains quite a bit, you could make a choice to either stop it completely or reduce the occasions of it as much as possible...monitor your energy, feel yourself at the beginning of your experiment and then check yourself again in this fashion at the end of say 2 weeks...see what you notice, see what you feel, notice if you feel more overall energy

maybe you're someone that is always doing errands...forgot to go to the bank so you go again, missed something at the grocery store so you make another quick trip, next popping out for a movie, with a side-trip to pick up the mail...and so on...this type of habit can be a real big energy burn so you might begin to consider your trips before you ever leave the house, think of them as a can you gather everything you need for that day in the smoothest and most efficient way possible ~ take time to plan your path and save yourself some of that vital juice you'll be needing

perhaps you're always late, always rushing around ~ if so check your breathing during the middle of your it jagged, agitated? yes? then simply sit and breathe normally for say a minute ~ see how you feel afterwards ~ practice as needed

these are just a few places you might begin to look at for your energizing work ~ the real key is that you need to begin to observe yourself, see how you use your energy, where you put it, what you do with it ~ observing yourself will be invaluable in your work with others

as you begin to get clear on what it is that you are doing with your energies you can then begin to decide whether you are spending your vitalities wisely ~ depending on where you want to go you'll be needing a lot of energy so think in terms of charging up inner banks of flow...make adjustments as needed and take it easy on yourself...this is lifelong work and it may take longer than you wish to truly gather your forces

now another way that you can greatly quicken this process is to work in an incredible new quantum area called the Prosperity Ashram, created by E J Gold ~ this virtual space has powerful tools to facilitate all your energy work

is this new age?


is this a new technology?


what do you do? to access and work in the Prosperity Ashram you'll need an avatar, this is a form of you that you can work through in another dimension ~ the inherent quantum nature of this virtual electronic space coupled with the shamanic vision of E J Gold is by its nature infused with higher energies so to begin with, simply being there, in that higher space can enhance your flow

once there you will find specific chambers for charging, chakra mats, tai chi spaces, healing waters, high temples and many other places with very high energetic signatures that you will be able to bathe in whenever you choose

image ~ heart work on the chakra mat

work in the Prosperity Ashram is essentially experiential based so truly the best thing you can do is get there and try it for yourself

there is no cost to you, your avatar is Free and you can get help getting started here

i'll be there along with all sorts of friendly folks that will be very happy to help you with questions as you get going and you can come by and visit us in our Prosperity Path forum here

best wishes to you in your work

may healing energies flow for all


Tuesday, July 1, 2014


                        who am i? where am i? what am i?

3 questions you might enjoy exploring and working with ~ ask yourself when you wake up in the morning, try chanting them on a walk or remember to ask yourself once an hour

simple questions, over time you may find that you are amazed at your answers ~ or where you find yourself


blessings to you on your journey

Thursday, May 1, 2014

~spiritual love~ a co-created poem


Composed by Agenbite, spacebuddhaa, auntiematter, Loralilah, and gnosticman

I know the stars whisper at night, telling secrets about Your love.
Ah, your secret fire burns and my sore wounds blaze at even the hint of your voice
The bright moon fills up with those secrets, holding them close 'til those who can, hear.
Ah Love--indomitable, adamantine, imperishable, unquenchable, ubiquitous essential....
may you flow throughout every dimension, every heart, each raindrop and all flowers

blessings to you


a poem by the prosperity poets, find the poets @

Sunday, April 27, 2014



who are you when the lights go out
the people go home
and all talk ceases

who are you when you take away the friends
the discussions
the markers & the usual things

when it's cold,
and you're alone,
who are you,

when the sun shines on the field
and there is no one around for miles
who are you?

do you exist?

good question

if you fall will it make a sound

who are you?

who are you when everything shifts,
and you look all around,

grass ~ stars ~ nothing

who are you

what are you?

My present sense of self,
the voyager,
is in reality
the void itself,
having no qualities
I remember myself as the voyager, whose deepest nature
is the Clear Light itself; I am one; there is no other. I am
the voidness of the void.