Thursday, July 10, 2014

~prepare your space~

before workshops, magical operations and events my first energies go to the preparation of the space


because it is the space that brings the needed flow for the work at hand

"it's really all about feeding the space that makes things work or not work"
~ ej gold

so in other words creating the space for magic allows magic to occur

some main things i look at when considering preparation are stagnant areas ~ places in the room that tend to gather piles of stuff, or sections that are too full of items, "dead" feeling spots, dead plants and the like ~ these areas will need to be cleared, shifted or energized

general dirt ~ dust the room/s, vacuum, wash the dishes, wash the floor, clean the toilet, clear cobwebs and so on

next, look at your paths through the space ~ are they clear? are they blocked? are they big enough? create the best pathways available to you for the best energetics

air flow, if possible allow for a fresh flow of air into your space before operations and once completed 

in certain cases you may wish to create a tighter more closed effect by keeping windows and window coverings closed ~ you'll just have to feel out what is best for you in any given circumstance ~ both styles, open/closed are useful

aromatics can be a key element in preparation ~ some folks prefer none, some use fresh flowers, others incense or scented candles ~ when possible i choose hand ground blends dispersed via charcoal and censor, when this is not possible there are a number of very effective prepared incense choices

over time as you work with this you can begin to consider further elements like color in the space, metals of various types, specific artworks, specific plants, crystals as energizing, stabilizing or balancing factors, directional positioning of furniture and essentially any number of things you can use to fine tune your lab

preparing space always takes effort , there is no way around it ~ it takes work but it is always worth it

may you enjoy your craft


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