Saturday, July 12, 2014


walking through a funky hippy music store in eureka, ca one day i felt him, turned and he was there ~ my buddy and good friend, ganesh

rather unassuming, in the form of a small cast sculpture, he was roughly finished and lacking detail ~ regardless, he was there ~ immediately i picked him up from the shelf he was on and we began our journey together

finding your friends and allies is another aspect of creating and working your spaces and you'll especially want them close when we begin exploring altar creation

how can you find your friends? well basically you need to feel them out just like usual

you may find them in traditional places like kwan yin in a statue from your guide or you may find something like tara in a particular stone on your hike ~ trust your feelings as everything here is representational anyway so you are just as likely to find her there as in a statue

in the Prosperity Ashram objects and components can be right clicked and examined for things like what they are, who they belong too, who created them and so on ~ a similar sort of right click effect can be done in all the environments you find yourself in, try it by sitting in your living room and checking the various objects there...see what you feel, see what you notice...try it on your next walk too

the Temple of Ganesh was the first temple space created in the Prosperity Ashram and it is a place i find myself in often, you may enjoy it as well ~ you are welcome to visit here

good luck finding your pals


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