Sunday, July 13, 2014


sitting here tonight working through a bingy bongy bunch of diablo character renewals and thinking about parts of the journey and experiences therein, in that other universe called D2

there are in fact a number of areas i could cover but tonight i found myself thinking about a particular experience there and how wonderful it was

freeing souls

you can do it throughout the game however for me there is an area by a big old baddie called izual that i worked in the most ~ always felt like a field of sorts there and that field is always full of souls bound in chains and i just don't fancy this so i've always, ever since i arrived at that level, gone through and cleared all

i would just do it, for no reason really other than the fact that i just don't appreciate seeing something chained down

there is no benefit in game for doing it so to speak but damn does it feel good!!

you might enjoy this as well, diablo safaris are still available for work ~ if you'd like to free a few souls check out the bardo training center here ~

and here's what peter s from denmark has to share about some of his work there ~

"I was telling a friend about the bardo safaris yesterday, because i understood that it might cloose down if a new version was released - here is a review and a recommendation.
"upon looking back at the bardo safaris i attended over a 6 month period, it is beyond doubt that the safaris have caused a deeper transformation and have shown and caused transformation in very deep issues, issues that not even intensive theraphy, workshops and very hardcore alternative methods (that i don't want to go into here)
- The bardo safaris "cut to the bone" right to the most upsetting states in my essential self and today when i look back i see a great transformation, not only i am able to recognize when these states set in, i am also able to change tracks and not fall into the pits that before tapped me.
I really recommend the bardo safaris to everyone that is serious about self observation- it will most likely not be pleasant, but damned effective"

ggs all


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