Wednesday, July 9, 2014

~calling in~

there are different ways to work with the idea of
sacred theatre or the invocation of other/higher

here is a possible path you might consider

now a lot of folks when they approach this type of
area are thinking about controlling something, managing
something, having something do their will, limiting it
and so on

perhaps another and possibly deeper way is to open to that
which you wish to connect with, be willing to work with it,
think of it as a relationship as in many ways it is and
consider how to treat the other kindly

approach in this fashion may in the end lead to higher
and greater flights as we are then being open to a more
expanded wisdom than our own ~ a combined knowledge, an
alchemical journey

an animal that is trained within an inch of its life is
a much different animal than one given space to be and
one allowed to experience life through its own explorations
and most likely an animal trained in a tightly controlled
fashion will not even be able to conceive of things the
freer one will

if you work to control your connection you will travel one
way ~ if you open in willingness to the connection you will
travel in a different fashion

the choice is yours


best work wishes to you


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MuspelSpark said...

Thanks for the reminders!!