Thursday, July 3, 2014

~energy work~


want to do energy work? ok good, you'll need energy

so where can you get some? depends

say you're someone that complains quite a bit, you could make a choice to either stop it completely or reduce the occasions of it as much as possible...monitor your energy, feel yourself at the beginning of your experiment and then check yourself again in this fashion at the end of say 2 weeks...see what you notice, see what you feel, notice if you feel more overall energy

maybe you're someone that is always doing errands...forgot to go to the bank so you go again, missed something at the grocery store so you make another quick trip, next popping out for a movie, with a side-trip to pick up the mail...and so on...this type of habit can be a real big energy burn so you might begin to consider your trips before you ever leave the house, think of them as a can you gather everything you need for that day in the smoothest and most efficient way possible ~ take time to plan your path and save yourself some of that vital juice you'll be needing

perhaps you're always late, always rushing around ~ if so check your breathing during the middle of your it jagged, agitated? yes? then simply sit and breathe normally for say a minute ~ see how you feel afterwards ~ practice as needed

these are just a few places you might begin to look at for your energizing work ~ the real key is that you need to begin to observe yourself, see how you use your energy, where you put it, what you do with it ~ observing yourself will be invaluable in your work with others

as you begin to get clear on what it is that you are doing with your energies you can then begin to decide whether you are spending your vitalities wisely ~ depending on where you want to go you'll be needing a lot of energy so think in terms of charging up inner banks of flow...make adjustments as needed and take it easy on yourself...this is lifelong work and it may take longer than you wish to truly gather your forces

now another way that you can greatly quicken this process is to work in an incredible new quantum area called the Prosperity Ashram, created by E J Gold ~ this virtual space has powerful tools to facilitate all your energy work

is this new age?


is this a new technology?


what do you do? to access and work in the Prosperity Ashram you'll need an avatar, this is a form of you that you can work through in another dimension ~ the inherent quantum nature of this virtual electronic space coupled with the shamanic vision of E J Gold is by its nature infused with higher energies so to begin with, simply being there, in that higher space can enhance your flow

once there you will find specific chambers for charging, chakra mats, tai chi spaces, healing waters, high temples and many other places with very high energetic signatures that you will be able to bathe in whenever you choose

image ~ heart work on the chakra mat

work in the Prosperity Ashram is essentially experiential based so truly the best thing you can do is get there and try it for yourself

there is no cost to you, your avatar is Free and you can get help getting started here

i'll be there along with all sorts of friendly folks that will be very happy to help you with questions as you get going and you can come by and visit us in our Prosperity Path forum here

best wishes to you in your work

may healing energies flow for all


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