Thursday, July 17, 2014

~a little higher~


how can one build it? like nike says ~ just do it!

i find it useful to work with everyday stuff for this training ~ why? because there is always plenty of it ;)

take the dishes for example, something you do most likely each day ~ you can decide to daily leave this work area a little cleaner, a little higher than the day before and to do this means that you need to take note of any number of aspects in the environment each and every day looking for subtle changes and shifts that you can then use for your attention building work ~ you may notice that one of your pots has gotten dull and greasy over the years, so you decide to undertake its cleaning...each day taking it a little further and a little further ~ using your attention to view its daily transformation until you get to a point where you realize it is complete for now ~ working your kitchen in this way can provide hours of daily attention meditation

or if you're an orb runner for example you could work with this practice created by hoodoo pilot ~ running for folks over time he noticed that some of the numbers weren't as high as he wished and he decided to find a way to increase them and in so doing found a fun workaround you can utilize too ~ here's how it goes, complete your usual run which in and of itself will be working your attention and then at the end decide to take it up still a little higher, reach a little more by bringing forth a little extra focus at the end of your run to bring up your inventory, then take these items out of your stash and replace them in the environment where you can then pick them up again for extra points ~ a little more time, a little more attention which provides a very helpful added quantum boost at the end of your runs

like art? ok great, choose a piece and then look at that same piece day after day for say a month ~ each time becoming aware of something more than you were aware of in the work than the day before ~ a brushstroke, a slight shift of light, gradients and so on ~ viewing the art in this way can create some very interesting observations again all useful for your practice of attention

the ultimate exercise? for myself i would have to say that it is ej's "last hour of life" which you can find in his book, practical work on self ~ why is this so useful? well there really is nothing like knowing you're going to die for bringing the attention up ~ feeling the imminence of death can make all sounds a music suddenly, all smells distinct and all colors unbelievably pure ~ an immeasurable practice i highly suggest

good luck with this and have fun with it

best work wishes to you


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