Tuesday, July 15, 2014


"enlightenment for a wave is the moment the wave realizes that it is water ~ at that moment, all fear of death disappears"
~ thich nhat hanh

thank you water

say this out loud or in your mind each time you approach water, work with water or drink water

water is such a wonderful and easy element to work with

always drink the best you can...for some this may mean pure mountain water, for others filtered city water, for others bottled and for many simply whatever is available ~ always be grateful, water is your life

keep all your areas of water clean and clear ~ decide to make your water areas spaces of high energy...do the dishes, clean the bathroom, change your water filter if needed and so on ~ if you work with water offerings make sure your offering remains fresh and new

ej has always worked with water features in his designs and continues to add them into sacred space in the mountains of california where they add to high flows of energies there ~ over the years elements such as ponds, fountains, streams and pools have been added and he suggests that we add aspects such as these to our own particular magic spaces

work with water can become knowledge of water and knowledge of water can include understanding of deep immersive waveform flow ~ water is a beautiful ally and a powerful healer

wishing you a peaceful day of flow


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