Tuesday, July 8, 2014

~holographic repatterning~

throughout this urth journey i've worked with/studied a number of healing forms/modalities

one of these was holographic repatterning, quite interesting overall ~ viewing the "reality" as a quantum hologram that can be accessed and refocused ~ i knew it to be a useful and effective technique from my own experience with it so i undertook the training and began practice ~ again, seeing some pretty immediate and incredible results with the folks that i was working with however there was something that just didn't "feel right"

the process, although effective was strangely unintuitive to me ~ to get someone to the spacetime where the work could take place was a long effort involving this manual, that reference book and so on...now what i didn't appreciate about this was that all this activity would be happening right at the moment when the person was just "getting there"...they were ready, they were open, it was a go and yet i had to stop to reference some book...i knew there had to be a better way and after practicing for some time even though it was successful stopped working with the method completely

assessing the situation i realized that i could keep going with the form and plan on gathering more data or on finding a new, better method but i knew that once rolling and getting results for a time even if it were a painful process it might just get to feelin' comfortable and i might just forget about the fact that there had to be a better way so i decided to walk on with nothing to create a clearer inner motivation

and then i waited, for years in fact, during those years i continued to work with the holographic conceptual model, access points, repatterning and clearing ~ it was all possible however it was never particularly easy to access the quantum workspaces needed

now all this has changed, thanks to ej gold and his creation of the prosperity ashram, this is the better way and it is easy

the ashram in a sense can be seen as a direct and immediate access point into the quantum reality or holographic reality and this in and of itself is amazing! now all you have to do to access this powerful workspace is login and bam! you are there and you are ready to work

and, here's the best part ~ you are ready to work intuitively, you are able to follow your inner guidance, flow and promptings to create your own essential repatterning ~ you are in control and you are guiding yourself ~ this is a true gift

an area of work that ej suggests to us is to understand the "bigness" that we are, meaning to understand our flow of lives through space and time, to own them, to remember them, to allow them to inform us that we are indeed more than the limited thing we may seem to be at this moment

so ej has filled the ashram with numerous quantum access points to many of our main space time gathering locations ~ ancient spaces, temple spaces, timeless spaces, elven spaces, theatre spaces, dance spaces and a few good coffee shops mixed in here and there for when you need a break from all your work ;)

now that you have all these spaces readily available to you the key is to listen, listen to yourself, listen for the messages guiding you to a greater understanding of your vastness

early this morning for example for whatever reason i was receiving a rather large egyptian download ~ noting this i went to one of the temples in the egyptian area of the ashram ~ once there feeling the space it was natural to begin to dance ~ expand and open more deeply to the experience which was already happening and which was now being greatly facilitated simply by being there

something that many folks experience when working with the "bigness" of themselves are some very strong death impressions...say for example you were killed in an especially violent way during roman times, you might find that the shockwave from that experience permeates seemingly all your lives and in a way it does because it can be seen as a radial shockwave going out from that specific avatar space/time point thereby connecting with all that you are throughout space/time ~ ok, so what can you do about that? well, if you are aware of these experiences you could simply go to one of the roman spaces in the ashram and be there, sit with it, feel it, allow it to come up ~ connecting with the experience in a new way can over time work to clear that original shock and thereby give you more room to move all over the universe ;)

or maybe you remember lifetimes spent caretaking temples and their work therein ~ now you can once again connect with that temple space and your lives and work there ~ visit the temple of ganesh and before you sit to meditate take on the persona of a maintainer and sound the temple bells _/\_  visit the hall of heroes and perform a sacred dance or play music ~ again the key is to listen to your inner guidance, it can show you your way

quantum reality is real

best wishes to you in all your work

to find out more about prosperity ashram please go to idhhb.com/worklines/pva

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