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the doorway exercise as given by ej has been a cornerstone i have worked with for quite some time now, i find it to be very useful in terms of penetrating areas of perception ~ this is the exercise and full chapter as taken from secret talks II

the practice of remembering ourselves, "invoking our presences", having the continual presence of "i" makes a "vibration of Being" which gradually forms a relatively permanent crystallization called "gradation of evolution"

the presence of the nonphenomenal source of attention within the awakened machine, because negative emotion is absent in the awakened machine, produces the vibration which gradually forms itself into the permanent crystallization which we call the Being

each stage of transformation of the Being produced by the awakened machine is called "gradation of evolution"

we can separate the process of transformation governed by the human biological machine into twenty-one definite gradations of evolution, each slightly more objective than the previous gradation in the sense of existing in higher and higher dimensions as we scale upward toward the Absolute

under no circumstance is it possible for us to attain the three highest forms of existence, the highest of which is the Absolute itself, pure Being

no one who knows anything would really wish to evolve to the gradation of the Absolute, and it would be of no benefit to oneself or to the Absolute

each gradation of evolution represents a specific crystallization of the Being ~ these higher gradations of evolution can only be the results of intentional transformation

the transference of the identity from the non-phenomenal source of attention to the Being is necessary for the moment of machine-death when it is once again returned to its natural organic source-of-substances.

even the nonphenomenal source of attention eventually dies if it has existed without transformation, but the Being which has become a permanent crystallization can never die

perhaps we ought to first taste what it means never to die...maybe we would prefer to just fall into annihilation and forget everything

no two Beings have exactly the same frequency of vibration

frequencies are limited in number because they are, as is everything, material ~ however, due to a surplus of apathetic humans and a corresponding paucity of transformed Beings, very few frequencies have ever been taken off the market

the stable gradation of evolution several times removed from the ordinary state of a human being, when taken in relation to a successful transference of identity from the nonphenomenal source of attention to the Being, can be called "objective consciousness" when developed

although we may not understand exactly how this might be true, stepping through a doorway is to taste death in some form

when passing the threshold of a portal, we can use this a a reminding factor to exert our will to awaken the machine

passing a portal, even in the form of an ordinary door, is like the moment of death, the passing of the portal for which we prepare ourselves all our lives

we practice the awakening of the machine during these little deaths so that at our passing, when the chains of life are thrown off, and we feel our life slipping away, we will have attention, presence, Being, and an unshakeable work-habit

only then will we taste of death and not feel its sting

g spoke no more on this subject that evening, but the group set itself the practice of fining themselves one dollar for each time they forgot to activate the source of attention toward awakening the machine, when passing through a portal ~ we put the money collected from this exercise into a special fund for g's work

later it was used to partially finance his large and extravagant dinners, although considering the expense of these, our little contribution in all likelihood made little impression

on the other hand, we forgot so many times that our fund was always on the verge of becoming a small fortune...


best work wishes

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Nick Thabit said...

Thanks, food for thought.Clear explication of crystallization.