Monday, July 14, 2014


you just came to me as a deer

so much energy flowing and shifting tonight i knew
a special walk was needed

starting at the trampoline i bounced and released, letting
it go, whatever is not needed, into the earth, into the earth


stopping then for a walk down the way, hearing a meow i look
down and see mocha, she is here to help with the work

we walk on together and get to the spot, i sit and allow the
connection with mama to take it in, mocha by my side
adjusting the space and seeing all with her watchful eyes

after a time i hear a strange sound calling me from behind and at
first think it is crow as they speak many languages, i respond ~ the
answer comes back unintelligible and soft, i listen again, you speak
and i realize it is with breath

i stand and turn to meet you, arms wide in surrender ~ the space
shifts electric in nature and the light is from another land ~ i
see you

a deer

we look at each other in silence for a long, long time ~ my arms
remain open & wide ~ you know you do not need to be scared, you
do not run

you tell me your story with your breath, eyes and through the earth

i ask what you wish but you do not know so you turn and leave
~ walking, through the tall green grass

may you walk in beauty my sweet friend
may you return


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