Monday, July 7, 2014


maintain:to keep in existence or continuance

due to some strange wifi configurations that we've been working with recently i've had to find a new way of connecting to and flowing with ej's weekend downloads @ the icw, the online stream here is generally sporadic and broken so it has become a very strong sort of shamanic device for voyaging the bardos _/\_ 

the messages that do come through are loud and clear and a recent one was this ~

"maintain a high plasma state"
~ ej gold

and i thought, yes ~ thank you, obvious but at the same time something that can get overlooked in our day to day travels through the bardos of our lives

years ago ej shared a very simple exercise i work with that you might enjoy as well

cup your hands together as though you have a ball in them ~ feel it there, know it to be there, sense it ~ pull your hands away from each other, push them back to each other ~ feel this, sense it ~ see if you can feel a point where connection is strongest and where it begins to get weak, how far can you separate your hands and still maintain a strong, essential connection?

next step 

practice and practice and practice

day after day, year after year

you may feel something immediately or you may feel nothing at all, it is ok if you feel nothing ~ just keep at it

if you're going to take this journey you need to know that you will go through stretches of practice where it seems like nothing is happening ~ doesn't matter ~ continue ~ practice!


one day,

it will


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