Wednesday, July 23, 2014

~what does shift look like~

say for example that you're someone working with an avatar in Prosperity Ashram

you might over time begin to notice some shifts and changes in your "rl/real life"

the purpose of Prosperity Ashram is to connect you with your own higher self via your avatar, the more you spend time with your avatar the stronger the effects may become

sometimes the pull of our avatars into these higher spaces, ways of being and doing can create shifts in our timespace here

we may notice that the environment we move through each day in rl begins to get more and more jangly, more energetic...perhaps we notice more disagreements with loved ones at home or at work, perhaps we are more emotional or perhaps we begin to see ourselves in radically different ways than before

this is ok and can be seen to be part of the process

our energies and vibrations are changing, we are tuning into new frequencies and the discrepancy between the frequency you were on and the new one you are downloading may cause jiggle in the middle

1st rule ~ don't panic


here is the perfect time to practice those labyrinth walking skills you've been building with your ABD work ~ yes you are in the bardos and yes you need to maintain your cool

now you have clear motivation and true need/necessity in your work so in a way you can be thankful for this opportunity to practice your sacred walk even if it is trying

as best as you can ~ do not react, breathe, expand and observe

as your avatar pulls you forward your biggest job could be seen in a way as simply releasing all your resistance to this ride

if things are shifting spend more time with your avatar ~ place it in the temple of ganesh, at tai chi, in the circle of clear light or wherever it wishes to go ~ it can then help you from its end to balance, see clearly and know your own best path

some days will be better than others, hang in, this is a process and you are on your way


find out more about Prosperity here ~ Ashram


find the ABD, American Book of The Dead here ~ the red book

best work wishes to you

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