Thursday, December 18, 2014


looking through my facebook feed this afternoon i saw this ~ a beautiful piece in its own way however viewing it i felt sad

the crystals in this pendant are "bonded" together in an unnatural configuration and they don't like it

working with crystals intuitively since i was a child i've found that for me one of the most important aspects in this work is to feel and connect with the crystal/s one is working with ~ experience them as a friend and treat them kindly

creations like this block the flow of their energies and adhesives have this effect on them as well ~ it is as though crystals need room to breathe if they are to function for and with you

i wouldn't say that you should never work with a piece like this as only you know ultimately your connection with an offered crystal however i can tell you that i will not be gathering this type of jewelry and you won't find any items like this on 

yet at the same time viewing things from another level i can also say that were someone to gift me with an item like this i would accept it graciously and understand that it had found its way to me

bringing it into the crystal space here i would then work with it to feel and know where it needs and wishes to be, essentially for healing ~ surrounding it with other crystals or perhaps laying it on a larger specimen ~ allowing it to simply sit in its network of energies with others that best support its work

may you connect with the crystals meant for you
blessings to you on your path


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MuspelSpark said...

:) ty sb.
Many things for me to think about in what you wrote:
I wonder what kind of healing the crystal needs...
Why doesn't the item like the bonding of its crystals in an unnatural configuration? Isn't it possible for crystals to bond in unnatural configurations and like it? Aren't there many cases in which this is true?
And many more questions...

Thank you again for your wonderful blog Spacebuddhaa