Friday, August 8, 2014


things are never what they seem ~ this must always be remembered


outwardly it may appear that one is walking away from someone however the inner eye, can always and forever turn and look back ~ remaining eternally focused and present with that someone

position, geo location, grid layouts in space and time ~ things like this one "closer" than that do not matter


how can one be one with god?

to become one


in one there is no spatial aspect ~ it is a different maneuver, outside the boundaries so to speak

when death comes and it will for us all, everything around us, beside us, close to us will be gone

conditions may not be favorable then, things may happen exceedingly fast, strong emotions may be present...again, doesn't matter ~ focus on the guide, turn your inner eye ~ face your death ~ maintain contact

can training be hard, yes

there is essentially one task, find the guide, see the guide, know the guide, become 1 with the guide beyond all limitations

leave yourSElf and all you think you are and travel to the timeless space, BE 1 ~ turn your inner eye and focus


without doubt from my humble perspective ej gold is THE best trainer you will ever find and i highly suggest you begin to work immediately with his new reality shift offerings ~ to see and know the truth of the shifts is an amazing experience

as ej says there is nothing like personal experience, personally experienced ~ to this i say, "yes" and to walk through shifts maintaining data and knowledge is truly an expansive and freeing journey ~ the way of the shaman ~ thank you ej, you are the best thing


best work wishes to you

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Tamara Murray said...

Happy to be a Shift Worker. :-)