Wednesday, August 17, 2011

are you scared to die?

“The fear of anything is the fear of death, and the fear of death is the same as the fear of life...You cannot live fully until you are willing to die fully and you cannot die fully until you are willing to meet the fear of death fully. If you really meet the fear of death, you are at peace. You recognize what cannot die. To meet death is not suicide, nor is it the least bit dangerous. It only seems dangerous. What is dangerous, what is a living suicide, is to live your life in bondage to the belief that you are limited to a body (or a mind, or any-thing). As long as you resist the fact of death and hide from death through the tricks of the mind, you will suffer.”

want to know how to die?

a great place to start is-

The American Book of The Dead

by EJ Gold

available on Amazon

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