Thursday, January 13, 2011

crystal work/practice

over the last few days i have been receiving a number of questions relating to work/practice with crystals so i've decided to address these various areas in a series of blogs relating to working/practicing with crystals... one of the 1st questions i received was this-

What can you do with crystals anyway?

and my answer is - many, many, many things...what do you want to do? overall i find working with crystals to be a very intuitive experience and therefore i find their applications to be unlimited as long as you are open to your inner voice and are some avenues of work

clearing of - spaces, energies, accomplish this they can be worn, carried, placed in different areas of a room, an office or an entire home, included in healing work, used while bathing and so on

protection of - same as above

energizing of - same as above

crystals can be a useful aid for troubled plants, pets, gardens and more

feeling sick? as you build your relationships with these living beings you may find that when feeling sick you can hold a particular crystal and notice improvement or disappearance of that situation

feeling stuck? again, you may discover that a specific crystal is always able to help you move through this type of space

these are just a few uses one can find for their crystal suggestion to you as always is to begin working intuitively with these wonderful creations...experiment, pay attention, listen with your inner voice, be patient...and be amazed


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