Monday, September 27, 2010

Zen Flute and The Art of Transformation

A recent project given by EJ Gold @ his Advanced
Zen Flute
class was to take a plain, ordinary paper
towel roll and to use
it as the basis for creating a
Zen Flute...this is my result-

"The Void"

"The void is that which stands right in the middle
of "this" and
"that." The void is all-inclusive, having
no opposite-there is
nothing which it excludes or
opposes. It is living void, because
all forms come
out of it and whosoever realizes the void is
with life and power and the love of all things."

-Bruce Lee

In closing EJ spoke about what it takes to
transform a
recorder into a Zen flute, here is what
he said-

"The way you transform the recorder into the Zen
Flute is by changing yourself."

peace, out...spacebuddhaa

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mollymidbrain said...

beautiful flute. the peacock feather is a nice touch!