Thursday, December 18, 2014


looking through my facebook feed this afternoon i saw this ~ a beautiful piece in its own way however viewing it i felt sad

the crystals in this pendant are "bonded" together in an unnatural configuration and they don't like it

working with crystals intuitively since i was a child i've found that for me one of the most important aspects in this work is to feel and connect with the crystal/s one is working with ~ experience them as a friend and treat them kindly

creations like this block the flow of their energies and adhesives have this effect on them as well ~ it is as though crystals need room to breathe if they are to function for and with you

i wouldn't say that you should never work with a piece like this as only you know ultimately your connection with an offered crystal however i can tell you that i will not be gathering this type of jewelry and you won't find any items like this on 

yet at the same time viewing things from another level i can also say that were someone to gift me with an item like this i would accept it graciously and understand that it had found its way to me

bringing it into the crystal space here i would then work with it to feel and know where it needs and wishes to be, essentially for healing ~ surrounding it with other crystals or perhaps laying it on a larger specimen ~ allowing it to simply sit in its network of energies with others that best support its work

may you connect with the crystals meant for you
blessings to you on your path


Saturday, August 23, 2014


"root's beginning to work"
~ rex o'herlihan

a few days ago ej graced me with a wonderful vibrational medicine
to use in my practice, a blessed digeridoo piece ~ the dragonfly
healing, which you can see and flow with here

dragonfly healing


suddenly this afternoon as i was working on some diablo character
renewals i received a very strong message to go outside, so i got up,
popped on some sunglasses, called serena and walked out into a
sweet and magical forest space

the sun was shining, it was warm but not hot, the scent of the woods
filling the air and our bird friends were sharing their greetings

serena headed over towards the trampoline and i followed thinking,
"good idea", as with the rain here the last week we haven't been
bouncing and we had missed  the practice as it can be such a pure
and easy way to give thanks, energy and love back to the forest, the
sky, all our relations


on the down connect with the earth giving gratitude and opening to
a healing flow of energy between yourself and the earth ~ on the up
release your prayers and healings, blessings and grace to the vast sky
above and all that is


hopping up onto the trampoline today instead of facing the south as
i generally do i felt to face the east, and so i did, and here began an
amazing journey with a blue/green dragonfly friend

as i began to jump this small wonder came out of nowhere and
buzzed me coming very close, that in itself isn't particularly
unusual as they can be very friendly however my friend then turned
to look at me and began to dance with me as i flowed in gratitude

he was demonstrating complex flight patterns, connecting in an
incredible energetic movement and radiating a very strong presence

at a certain point i began to hear and tune back into ej's
dragonfly healing piece, then i began sharing this with dragonfly,
at this moment our dance intensified until we entered a timeless
space of a much larger scale ~ wonderful, beauty, another aspect
of my friend ~ a space for dragons and another form of my winged

after a time our movement naturally ended however still my new
friend remained so i simply sat and we were together

again he began to come closer and closer, almost touching but not
quite ~ many times we looked in each others eyes

i started considering the beautiful blessing ej had bestowed and his
work and discussions on "root prims" ~ an interesting area indeed...
here is a a simple explanation which can be provided by second life...
in the sl world creation system one can throw things essentially out
of bounds, beyond the map or "out of the box" so to speak by
attaching the "root prim" to some aspect of the "in box" reality and
then "throwing out" so to speak, the creation

and i thought, yes...the vibrational root IS beginning to work

then i began considering the uses of this in parallel world jaunting
and hopping...and was grateful that the dragon had shared
with me some very useful movement patterns

i am still grokking on all this and thought you might enjoy to as well

sending my deepest thanks to ej gold, my new friend and all that is


blessings to you in all your work

if you would like more info on root prims work please contact  IDHHB


Friday, August 8, 2014


things are never what they seem ~ this must always be remembered


outwardly it may appear that one is walking away from someone however the inner eye, can always and forever turn and look back ~ remaining eternally focused and present with that someone

position, geo location, grid layouts in space and time ~ things like this one "closer" than that do not matter


how can one be one with god?

to become one


in one there is no spatial aspect ~ it is a different maneuver, outside the boundaries so to speak

when death comes and it will for us all, everything around us, beside us, close to us will be gone

conditions may not be favorable then, things may happen exceedingly fast, strong emotions may be present...again, doesn't matter ~ focus on the guide, turn your inner eye ~ face your death ~ maintain contact

can training be hard, yes

there is essentially one task, find the guide, see the guide, know the guide, become 1 with the guide beyond all limitations

leave yourSElf and all you think you are and travel to the timeless space, BE 1 ~ turn your inner eye and focus


without doubt from my humble perspective ej gold is THE best trainer you will ever find and i highly suggest you begin to work immediately with his new reality shift offerings ~ to see and know the truth of the shifts is an amazing experience

as ej says there is nothing like personal experience, personally experienced ~ to this i say, "yes" and to walk through shifts maintaining data and knowledge is truly an expansive and freeing journey ~ the way of the shaman ~ thank you ej, you are the best thing


best work wishes to you

Sunday, August 3, 2014


"a true warrior is never at war with the world"
~ chogyam trungpa


"enlightenment is just the beginning, later on come other skills ~ patience, a forgiving nature, extreme attention . . ." 
~ ej gold

in gratitude to the guides

and sending blessings for their work always


Wednesday, July 30, 2014


a vigil can be a beautiful way of sending directed intentional energies for healing, protection, clearing ~ very useful in times of distress ~ it is a simple and basic form of prayer

gentle and moving

a picture of your person is used as the focus and a candle is lit with your intention/prayer in mind ~ this candle/fire can then be maintained for days, weeks or months ~ as long as you sense it is needed or is having a helpful effect

make sure to take all necessary care when setting up your space for vigil as you are working with fire ~ keep your images in a frame if possible, keep objects away from your candle and maintain your attention on it at all times


best work wishes to you

Saturday, July 26, 2014


the doorway exercise as given by ej has been a cornerstone i have worked with for quite some time now, i find it to be very useful in terms of penetrating areas of perception ~ this is the exercise and full chapter as taken from secret talks II

the practice of remembering ourselves, "invoking our presences", having the continual presence of "i" makes a "vibration of Being" which gradually forms a relatively permanent crystallization called "gradation of evolution"

the presence of the nonphenomenal source of attention within the awakened machine, because negative emotion is absent in the awakened machine, produces the vibration which gradually forms itself into the permanent crystallization which we call the Being

each stage of transformation of the Being produced by the awakened machine is called "gradation of evolution"

we can separate the process of transformation governed by the human biological machine into twenty-one definite gradations of evolution, each slightly more objective than the previous gradation in the sense of existing in higher and higher dimensions as we scale upward toward the Absolute

under no circumstance is it possible for us to attain the three highest forms of existence, the highest of which is the Absolute itself, pure Being

no one who knows anything would really wish to evolve to the gradation of the Absolute, and it would be of no benefit to oneself or to the Absolute

each gradation of evolution represents a specific crystallization of the Being ~ these higher gradations of evolution can only be the results of intentional transformation

the transference of the identity from the non-phenomenal source of attention to the Being is necessary for the moment of machine-death when it is once again returned to its natural organic source-of-substances.

even the nonphenomenal source of attention eventually dies if it has existed without transformation, but the Being which has become a permanent crystallization can never die

perhaps we ought to first taste what it means never to die...maybe we would prefer to just fall into annihilation and forget everything

no two Beings have exactly the same frequency of vibration

frequencies are limited in number because they are, as is everything, material ~ however, due to a surplus of apathetic humans and a corresponding paucity of transformed Beings, very few frequencies have ever been taken off the market

the stable gradation of evolution several times removed from the ordinary state of a human being, when taken in relation to a successful transference of identity from the nonphenomenal source of attention to the Being, can be called "objective consciousness" when developed

although we may not understand exactly how this might be true, stepping through a doorway is to taste death in some form

when passing the threshold of a portal, we can use this a a reminding factor to exert our will to awaken the machine

passing a portal, even in the form of an ordinary door, is like the moment of death, the passing of the portal for which we prepare ourselves all our lives

we practice the awakening of the machine during these little deaths so that at our passing, when the chains of life are thrown off, and we feel our life slipping away, we will have attention, presence, Being, and an unshakeable work-habit

only then will we taste of death and not feel its sting

g spoke no more on this subject that evening, but the group set itself the practice of fining themselves one dollar for each time they forgot to activate the source of attention toward awakening the machine, when passing through a portal ~ we put the money collected from this exercise into a special fund for g's work

later it was used to partially finance his large and extravagant dinners, although considering the expense of these, our little contribution in all likelihood made little impression

on the other hand, we forgot so many times that our fund was always on the verge of becoming a small fortune...


best work wishes

Friday, July 25, 2014


sometimes we have to go through very bad times, sometimes we have to walk through very dangerous territory, sometimes it just feels like nothing is ever going to be ok


walking this urth i have found myself in some pretty bad spots at times, dark, hopeless, bad ~ real bad with no clear options or paths out, seemingly no way through and yet here i am writing to you ~ why? how did i make it?

i have come to rely on this sacred chant during those times of absolute despair


if i find myself in a space like this i start to chant and i maintain the chant without stop ~ i have chanted for days and days and weeks on end in this fashion until there was a clearing, some light, a shift

if your motivation and necessity are high enough you will find that you can literally maintain this chant essentially 24/7 ~ you can maintain while driving, doing the dishes, at work, watching tv, eating ~ whatever, it doesn't matter just keep it going, hold strong and chant

this is a very simple practice and from my perspective a very powerful one, you can do this ~ do not give up


hear ej speak this mantra and get a free Om Mani Padme Hum Andriod App here ~  Om Mani Padme Hum

may all these efforts be used for the benefit of all Beings everywhere